Becoming a Wicked Witch With a Paladin’s First Night

Becoming a Wicked Witch With a Paladin’s First Night
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    La villana se robó la virginidad del caballero santo, 성기사의 첫날밤을 가진 악녀가 되었다, 聖騎士の初夜を奪った悪女

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    Fantasy - Historical - Mature - Romance - Shoujo

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I was hit by a truck and transported to the world of a novel I had read. Unfortunately, I was possessed by Elenia Alfin, the evil woman from the novel, and the story begins with me sleeping in the same bed as the most loyal holy knight, Sir Rolento, if you know what I mean… I remembered from the novel, “If a holy knight has a relationship with a woman, he is stripped of his status as a holy knight,” so I decided to try to avoid it and pretend that nothing had happened between the two of us. Then, Rolento said something shocking: “Please, take responsibility for stealing my virginity.”
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