The Siren: Becoming the Villain's Family

The Siren: Becoming the Villain's Family
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    Become the Family of the Villian / Becoming the Villain's Family / I Became the Villain's Contract Family / The Siren / The Siren: I Became the Villain's Contract Family / セイレン〜悪党と契約家族になった / 和反派成为了契约家人 / 恶魔的契约家人 / 세이렌 (설이수) / 세이렌: 악당과 계약가족이 되었다 / 악당과 계약가족이 되었다

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    Fantasy - Romance

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Aria proposed a contract marriage. To the Grand Duke of Valentine who sold his soul to the devil. To protect herself, and to protect him. [Marry me.] Aria extended her hand and gave the marriage vows with a note. Then, the young Grand Duke took away the note she was writing and tore it apart. Aria asked, “So, where should I stamp the seal?” “You said you’d give me a divorce if I grew up.” The devil, who had grown up suddenly, kissed her reverently over her hair. “Now that you’re an adult, you should sign an adult contract.”
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