Demon King’s Doll Butler

Demon King’s Doll Butler
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I've already spent thousands of years in the spirit realm, where dead beings reside, vowing never to reincarnate after dying a futile death as the first living sacrifice in history. And then I wake up and I have a body?! Human wizards had taken my soul and imprinted it into a doll! As I was mourning the loss of the spirit world, a passing demon made me an unexpected offer. If you become a butler to his son, he'll give the child the gift of death when he grows up. Thank you, Demon King! You've just met the son of a demon, and he's more than just a little bitchy - he'll lunge and bite you to death if you touch his head. However, his murderous destructive instincts are temporarily overcome and he begins to follow you! Just when I think I'm well on my way to accumulating death routes, my master awakens and becomes obsessed with me. "I don't want Perry touching anyone else, she's my butler." What the hell! The peculiar, murderous, romance-disguised-as-problematic-parenting of a puppet butler! Will Perry make a smooth transition back to the spirit world?
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