I Cut Ties With the Beauties That Always Made Fun of Me, but It Seems That They Actually Love Me.

I Cut Ties With the Beauties That Always Made Fun of Me, but It Seems That They Actually Love Me.
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    いつも馬鹿にしてくる美少女たちと絶縁したら、実は俺のことが大好きだったようだ。 ; When I Isolated Myself From the Beautiful Girls Who Always Make Fun of Me, I Think They Actually Loved Me. ; Itsumo Baka ni shitekuru Bishoujo-tachi to Zetsuen shitara, Jitsu wa Ore no Koto ga Daisuki Datta you da.

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    Comedy - Harem - Romance - School Life - Shounen

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"I want to break up with you." In the winter of his first year of high school. Yuta Miyamoto, who tries to be "kind to others," was told by his girlfriend, Yumi Asakawa, that she had to break up with him. While he is still recovering from his broken heart, Akane Kurosaki, a junior, calls him "unable to get a girlfriend," and Ruriri, his favorite maid, calls him "like a slave". Yuta, fed up with the situation, declares his intention to break off relations with all three, but the reaction is not what he expected!

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