The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike

The Duke’s Daughter is Going on Strike


“Die for us, just like you’ve served our family all along.”Because of her crimson eyes and the dark splotch on her face, Arryl Brixia, the illegitimate child of the Brixia ducal house, had to live with a mask on her entire life. She tried desperately to win the acceptance of her family, but in the end, she met her death after being framed for treason.But now, she’s returned to the past.She can no longer see the hideous splotch in her reflection in the mirror. But her face isn’t the only thing that’s changed from before — Ethan, the heir to the Burstein ducal family, suddenly comes and finds her…“Lady Arryl, why do you wear a mask?”“Why do you ask?”“Your eyes.”“What?”“I saw your eyes. Your clear and confident eyes.”“People fear them because they believe it’s the sign of the devil. Don’t you think so, Sir Ethan?”“No, not at all. They look absolutely beautiful to me.”The satisfying revenge story of Lady Arryl Brixia, who was abandoned by her own family.
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