Manga status:
All manga with the most views in day
10.2K 15 835
Just the Male Lead's Friend
5.6K 28 784
The Villainess Captured the Grand Duke
5.3K 13 1.3K
Nano Machine
8K 11 1.6K
4.7K 21 1.4K
Return of the Mount Hua Sect
4.8K 5 1.7K
Solo Leveling
6.1K 2 1.8K
Ways to Satisfy a Devil
4.3K 26 540
Martial Peak
4.8K 2 324
White Scandal
3.5K 3 107
Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle ~
4.4K 2 546
Tales of Demons and Gods
3.2K 11 2.5K
For My Lost Love
6.7K 7 510
Be Careful When Choosing a Husband
3K 1 1.3K
Apex Future Martial Arts
3.1K 6 1.6K
Honey, I’m Going On a Strike
3K 2 1.7K
The Max-Level Player’s 100th Regression
3.7K 2 196
It Starts with a kingpin account
2.9K 23 1.1K
Pick Me Up
2.7K 21 426
Isekai Walking
3K 13 1K
The Player that can’t Level Up
2.6K 8 2.3K
The Tragedy of a Villainess
2.5K 2 1.9K
The Youngest Daughter of the Villainous Duke
2.5K 2 1.9K
Mercenary Enrollment
2.6K 4 1.3K
Leveling With The Gods
3.4K 3 1.4K
Solitary Lady