Manga status:
All manga with the most follow
23.6K 737 5.8K
I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
21.8K 405 5.4K
I Thought It’s a Common Possession
24.3K 913 5.1K
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess
19.4K 516 4.5K
How to Get My Husband on My Side
13.4K 308 4.2K
Being Loved for the First Time
16.5K 648 4K
A Fortune-Telling Princess
14.6K 895 3.9K
My In-laws are Obsessed With Me
12.6K 311 3.8K
Author of My Own Destiny
13.7K 421 3.7K
I Became the Mother of the Evil Male Lead
19.1K 565 3.6K
I Became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter
10K 340 3.5K
Marriage of Convenience
11K 534 3.4K
Raising My Fiancé with Money
14.5K 684 3.4K
For My Lost Love
12K 354 3.3K
City of Arrogance
6.4K 42 3.1K
The Villain's Match Is Too Perfect
7.3K 238 3K
Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married!
6.9K 247 3K
I Became the Young Villain’s Sister-In-Law
10.1K 479 3K
Sister, I Am the Queen in This Life
9.1K 230 3K
Predatory Marriage (Complete Edition)
10.1K 164 2.8K
Into the Light Once Again
14.4K 432 2.8K
Adopted by a Murderous Duke Family
6.7K 400 2.8K
The Villainess is a Marionette
8.5K 203 2.8K
I Thought My Time Was Up!
7.3K 189 2.8K
Living as the Villain’s Stepmother
6.6K 63 2.7K
Under the Oak Tree
9.3K 189 2.7K
The Archvillain’s Dying Nanny
9.2K 157 2.7K
An Extra Stole the Male Leads
7.1K 89 2.7K
Remarried Empress
8.2K 442 2.7K
I Will Fall With The Emperor
26.1K 509 2.7K
Mercenary Enrollment
24.1K 254 2.7K
The Beginning After The End