Manga status:
All manga with the most views in day
5.3K 55 543
Do You Need Salvation?
4.8K 27 536
I'd Rather Abandon Them Than Be Abandoned
1.4K 3 106
The Words of The Beloved Sun
995 2 110
Sword Rises: Wind and Cloud
1.2K 3 152
Juvenile Law
4.7K 57 619
How To Make A Loving Savior an Emperor
10.2K 310 1.9K
Lee Seob’s love
6.1K 98 891
Maxed Strength Necromancer
14.4K 432 2.8K
Adopted by a Murderous Duke Family
1.4K 6 261
To Tell You My Love
9.9K 145 1.3K
The Max Level Hero Strikes Back
7.3K 189 2.8K
Living as the Villain’s Stepmother
4.6K 82 1.5K
Trapped in a Game That Flopped
3.8K 18 1.1K
It's Not Your Baby!
4K 75 1.2K
You're My Flame
10K 340 3.5K
Marriage of Convenience
7.9K 186 1.3K
I Made a Deal with the Devil
3.5K 31 565
Fly Me To The Moon