Manga status:
All manga with the most views
2.7K 223 1.6K
Snow Mountain Monster Princess
2.3K 38 1.3K
I Swear We're Just Friends
2.1K 119 2.8K
City of Arrogance
1.8K 14 791
An Unexpected Engagement
1.7K 10 204
Marriage Situation
1.5K 105 2.2K
My Mother Got Married By Contract
1.5K 154 2.1K
Mercenary Enrollment
1.5K 125 1.4K
Nano Machine
1.5K 75 964
The Villains’ Favorite Is Me
1.4K 260 5.1K
I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
1.4K 109 1.5K
Necromancer Academy and the Genius Summoner
1.4K 130 1.4K
Apex Future Martial Arts
1.3K 122 1.5K
Return of the Mount Hua Sect
1.3K 40 1.6K
The Grand Duke's Beloved Granddaughter
1.2K 113 2.3K
I Will Change The Genre
1.2K 255 1.7K
1.2K 75 1.1K
The Max Level Hero Strikes Back
1.2K 135 1.8K
The World Without My Sister Who Everyone Loved
1.2K 216 4.1K
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess
1.1K 25 891
Here Reigns the Vengeful Villainess
1.1K 34 1.1K
Ranker’s Return (Remake)
1.1K 95 1.2K
The Player that can’t Level Up
1.1K 237 2.4K
The Tragedy of a Villainess
1.1K 25 627
All Hail the Sect Leader
1.1K 160 3.9K
It’s My First Time Being Loved
1K 36 1.7K
Lips On The Tip Of a Knife
1K 181 1.7K
The World’s Best Engineer
1K 14 1.8K
The Beginning After The End