Manga status:
All manga with the most views in week
24.3K 913 5.1K
Death Is The Only Ending For The Villainess
3.5K 43 576
The Hero Became the Duke’s Eldest Son
19.4K 516 4.5K
How to Get My Husband on My Side
5.4K 55 857
My Warmonger Husband
24.1K 254 2.7K
The Beginning After The End
21.7K 405 5.4K
I Thought It’s a Common Possession
2.9K 1 321
How Are You So Big?!
26.1K 509 2.7K
Mercenary Enrollment
15.2K 385 2.3K
Solo Farming In The Tower
19.3K 641 2.2K
The World’s Best Engineer
16.3K 192 1.8K
Star Embracing Swordmaste
15.2K 287 1.8K
Ranker Who Lives A Second Time
23.6K 737 5.8K
I’ll Be The Matriarch In This Life
17.1K 417 2.5K
The Regressed Son of a Duke is an Assassin
6.2K 253 1.8K
I Thought You Were A Time-Limited Husband
19K 565 3.6K
I Became the Male Lead’s Adopted Daughter
10.6K 298 2.5K
How To Reject My Obsessive Ex-Husband
12.8K 13 145
Chainsaw Man
17.6K 250 2.5K
Academy’s Genius Swordmaster
7.3K 222 1.5K
Grand Duke of the North
14.4K 432 2.8K
Adopted by a Murderous Duke Family
2.4K 2 256
16.5K 646 4K
A Fortune-Telling Princess
11.8K 255 1.9K
Turning the Mad Dog into a Genteel Lord
13.5K 3 314
8.6K 74 798
The Demon Prince goes to the Academy
12.6K 311 3.8K
Author of My Own Destiny
15.5K 674 2K
13K 212 1.9K
The Archmage's Restaurant
12.6K 414 2.1K
Omniscient Reader’s Viewpoint
5.7K 16 1.1K
Cassmire: The Loyal Sword