For My Lost Love

For My Lost Love
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    For My Derelict Favorite / For My Abandoned Love, For My Derelict Beloved, For My Forsaken Beloved, For My Lost Love, Para mi amor abandonado, Por mi favorito abandonado, Хаягдсан хайртынхаа төлөө, 拯救被遗弃的最爱角色, 拯救被遺棄的本命角色, 見捨てられた推しのために, 버려진 나의 최애를 위하여

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    Drama - Fantasy - Isekai - Josei - Romance

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버려진 나의 최애를 위하여 / For My Forsaken Love / For My Abandoned Love / For My Derelict Beloved / For My Derelict Favorite I entered a romantic novel that I loved so much that I read it many times. I possessed the body of a wealthy commoner, bought the status of a fallen noble, and attended noble parties to witness the romance of the characters just like in the original. I thought I’d return to the real world after seeing through to the end… However, somehow, even after the novel ended, I wasn’t freed from the body I possessed and lived the life in the original novel. As a result, I learned behind the scenes stories that I didn’t want to know. My favorite second male lead, Kaelus, died. In the original novel without him, he crumbles, eventually falls ill and dies. Now I thought I would return to the real world, but, for some reason, as a joke of fate, I came back again after the end of the novel. This must mean to save my beloved, right?

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