1RM’s Gigant Rider

1RM’s Gigant Rider
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Reincarnated as a nameless commoner on Raniakea, the continent of magic and steel, with memories of 21st century Earth. To escape the life of a commoner, who is almost like a slave, he must lift the 'Magic Stone' and become a Giant Rider. ‘Straighten your back!’ ‘Tighten your belly!’ ‘Take a deep breath into the bottom of your abdomen!’. He uses knowledge from his previous life as a trainer to accumulate magical power as if he were exercising, and climbs the ladder of the social hierarchy.
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  • Betrayal of Dignity Chapter 53

    Citta Citta 3 minutes ago

    what does that look on his face mean 😭??? 

  • Please Don’t Eat Me Chapter 117

    professional simp professional simp 5 minutes ago

    Tbh i would ship ertha and herkan so much if he weren't more of a brother figure

  • Lia's Bad Ending Chapter 31

    Aysel Qurbanli Aysel Qurbanli 8 minutes ago

    She didn’t treated her like that. She gave her education food a better live. Her own mother sells her for money it’s a better live then in an orphan or in the streets. Yes she didn’t wanted her call her mother it’s understandable because her own child had poor health and can be ever moment dead. Als a mother i can understand no mother want her child dead. Her wrong was the hurt full words that she says. She shouldn’t have said it 

  • Half chapter 30

    ChEEzE_ChOcO ChEEzE_ChOcO 8 minutes ago

    soooo cuteeeeeemoji

  • Corrupting the Heroine’s First Love Chapter 3

    vanessa vanessa 9 minutes ago

    ok sooo what if this Reneiger guy didnt even love the herione, they keep saying he was her first love....not she was his too. i wonder if it was truthfully a one sided love affair.