After the Frozen Heart Melts

After the Frozen Heart Melts
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    When the Frozen Heart Thaws / SAAT HATI MEMBEKU TELAH MENCAIR / 얼어붙은 심장이 녹고 나면 / When the Frozen Heart Melts

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    Drama - Fantasy - Historical - Romance

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After the Frozen Heart Melts Rank: 2.9/5 - 41 Rating(s)


With memories of Hestia's past sacrificed to secure magical power threatening the world, she reincarnates as Cecilia, the illegitimate child of a count. Unable to live on in her previous life, her past existence has long ended. Regardless of who she was in her past life, Cecilia now lives as a maid to her hostile half-brother. This is the life of Cecilia, reborn as the count's illegitimate child of a count. However... Unexpectedly, Killian Jankson, the duke whom her sister intends to marry, declares his intention to marry Cecilia instead. Even more strangely, his voice overlaps with a voice she heard long ago. "I'm so angry with you that I can't stand it." "...Refusing is all you can try to do. I will definitely marry you." A man approaching her in the same manner as in her past life. His persistent demands and obsession keep bringing back memories of her previous life. Will Cecilia be able to heal from her pain in her previous life and find her true love amidst his relentless pursuit?
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