Akuma de Koibito

Akuma de Koibito
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    アクマでコイビト。 ; 惡魔小情人 ; Akuma de Koibito. ; The Demon Lover ; Devil and Boyfriend

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    Comedy - Romance - School Life - Shoujo

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Story 1: Devil and Boyfriend Ever since she was young, Rinko has always been labelled as a 'Ohito yoshi baka' by everyone except for a young boy, Itsuki. Since then, Rinko has always had strong feelings for Itsuki, but will he ever be like that angel-like person she meet as a child or stay as the Akuma she has now gotten used to? Story 2: That's the Rabbit's Forest Madoka is a hardworker! One day her friend asks her to fill in for her as a house-keeper due to illness and Madoka gladly accepts. When she arrives at the apartment of the Art-College student who she's suppose to clean for she finds a scary shadow-like figure in a war-zone of trash. On top of that he yells and threatens to strip her and use her as a nude model. What mess has she gotten herself in!? And whats this? A rabbit-fetish? Story 3: Because, It's Love Jun has always had a mature and cold face, but she gets easily scared and cries when she's alone. The seniors are graduating and they don't have to go to school until their graduation. While Jun is cleaning the mops, a guy next to her accidentally splashes water all over himself. She hands him her handkerchief. This handkerchief is very important to her because a guy gave it to her while she was crying but she never saw his face. Before she knows it, the guy's friends drag him away with the handkerchief.

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