Amai Choubatsu - Watashi wa Kanshu Sen'you Pet

Amai Choubatsu - Watashi wa Kanshu Sen'you Pet
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    "At This Rate, I'm Gonna Come..." -The Warden's Relentless Pat-down- "At This Rate… I’ll Cum… " The Guard’s Persistent Body Exams Caught Up in Prison with No Escape "Kono Mama ja...Iku..." Kanshu no Shitsuyou na Shintaikensa Amai Choubatsu Amai Choubatsu - Watashi wa Kanshu Senyou Pet Я — личный питомец надсмотрщика การลงโทษอันแสนหวาน : ฉันเป็นสัตว์เลี้ยงของผู้คุม 「このままじゃ…イク…」看守の執拗な身体検査 「再繼續下去…不行」典獄長固執的身體檢查 甘い懲罰 甘い懲罰~私は看守専用ペット 甜蜜惩罚~我是看守专用物品 甜蜜懲罸~我是看守專用物品 달콤한 징벌 ~ 나는 간수 전용 애완동물 달콤한 징벌 나는 간수 전용 펫 미남 간수의 절대명령 -이 교도소에 여죄수는 나 혼자?!-

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    Drama - Josei - Mature - Romance

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Hina is locked up in prison after being framed for a crime she didn't commit. There, she meets the cold and cruel warden Aki Myojin. She's at the mercy of his delicate touch and ravishing tongue everywhere: in the examination room, her cell, and even in the visiting room - with her lover watching! Bit by bit, her body is disciplined to give in to Aki Myojin!
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