Cinderella Disappeared

Cinderella Disappeared
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    Missing Cinderella, Lost Cinderella / Missing Cinderella / The Lost Cinderella / The Missing Cinderella / シンデレラにお別れを / 사라진 신데렐라

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    Drama - Fantasy - Josei - Romance

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Cinderella Disappeared Rank: 3.4/5 - 140 Rating(s)


Ciel avoided her brother’s obsession and entered into a contract marriage. She was betrayed by her fiance who fell in love with someone else, so she decides to start a new life somewhere else. By chance, Ciel meets her neighbor Otestad, who saves her life, and ends up discovering that he is actually the prince who was fleeing a threat. A romance about two people who want to fight against destiny and free themselves. Will Ciel be able to fulfill his wish of not having his life stolen again?
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    Lazy cat Lazy cat 6 minutes ago

    Well.. not really. He was discarded abruptly by the one he knows as father when he was most in need of protection and care. He's left alone in his Palace. He don't eat well, is suffering and feel extremely confused and probably afraid but nobody cares about him, meantime those three are playing the perfect family and his mother is using him for her revenge. Carlyle, the only one that genuinely want befriend him, is a little kid, his kindness could be more hurtful than welcomed and anyway he's the one who stole his place beside his father. The stupid FL is blaming him and is making his life miserable.I can relate with the first prince and his distrust about the emperor and his new family. The truth is that since this story 's arc begun I feel like all MC character behaves like villains and First Prince is their victim. 

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    I can change him!!! I can change him!!! 9 minutes ago

    Thank you for this beautiful story, author emoji

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    That head glow . . . . emoji

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    god dammit! emoji