Close the Petals

Close the Petals
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    Put the Petals Together / 꽃잎을 여미다

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    Drama - Fantasy - Josei - Romance

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[MU] Arie lives alone with her brother deep in the mountains. One day, she heals a bloodied man that her brother finds. After growing close to him and sharing his heart, he asks her to go with him. But unable to break her mother's warning not to go down the mountain, she waits for Dogeom, who has promised to return. But her mother's wishes for her to stay hidden didn't happen. "You are the woman of the Xiang Clan." Golden eyes. The inexhaustible power to heal any wound, which is why she was the most sought-after prey for the human hunters. Her head was torn off by the men who came to take her alive, and her eyes were dazed by the monstrosity swirling within her. "How dare you touch her!" In the distance, she saw the face of the nostalgic Lord. He wore a black longsword emblazoned with the imperial seal.
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