Cry, Even Better If You Beg

Cry, Even Better If You Beg
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    Cry, Even Better If You Beg, 울어 봐, 빌어도 좋� / Cry, Or Better Yet, Beg / Cry Or Better Yet, Beg / 울어 봐, 빌어도 좋고

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    Drama - Fantasy - Mature - Romance

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Cry, Even Better If You Beg Rank: 3.8/5 - 321 Rating(s)


Orphaned at a young age, Layla Llewellyn feels like the luckiest girl in the world after she moves in with her uncle Bill, a gardener who lives on the scenic Arvis estate in the Berg Empire. To Layla, Arvis seems like paradise; she loves to explore the vast forest, always bringing her notebook to record the wildlife she encounters. She especially loves the birds, watching them with awe as they hatch and grow from fluffy chicks into beautiful birds. Duke Herhardt, the young, handsome lord of Arvis, is also interested in birds-and in Layla. But the difference is, he’s interested in birds because he likes to hunt them… and he’s interested in Layla because he likes to make her cry. “read at to support us” If a lovely bird is trapped in a golden cage, which will she choose: a life of luxury, or freedom?
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