Even Though I Know It’s Crazy

Even Though I Know It’s Crazy
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    Even Though You Know It's Crazy / 미친 짓인 줄 알면서도 / Even though I know it's crazy

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    Josei - Mature - Romance

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Even Though I Know It’s Crazy Rank: 3.7/5 - 38 Rating(s)


Do you want to sleep with me?” “Assume there is no limit to the number of times.” It started with a bold proposal and enthusiastic acceptance. Cha Jeong-moo, the only heir to the Venus Group And his talented secretary, Min Seol-ha. That night went very deep, relying solely on instinct, and before I knew it, it had left a deep mark in my heart. “How much do you think you know about Min Seol-ha?” So much so that I couldn't even come to my senses when the main reality thrust its sword into my chin. "Let's cover it up." Even though I know this is crazy. Notices: ⚠Translate is not 100% correct
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