How to Tame the Merciless Villain

How to Tame the Merciless Villain
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    악역의 주인님이 되었다

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    Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo

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I transmigrated into the novel called "The Treacherous Sorcerer" as a supporting character who's destined to be killed by Kian, the main villain of the story. According to the original plot, Kian ends up slaughtering every single noble in the empire-including me-so I must do everything in my power to stop him and save myself from an untimely death. Kian has survived a harsh and painful past, so I will spoil him and take good care of him so that he won't turn out to be the vicious supervillain! But what have I gotten myself into? After I rescued Kian from the slave market... he's suddenly obsessed with me! Will I be able to protect Kian and myself from a disastrous fate?
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