Hunter Academy’s Strongest Battle God

Hunter Academy’s Strongest Battle God
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    헌터 아카데미의 최강투신

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Evaluated as having the lowest attribute type, F-Class, the five-year-old Shin Yu-Sung was abandoned by the famous Shin hunter family. That same year, Shin Yu-Sung was taken in by one of the top Hunters, the King of Fighters, at his orphanage. The King of Fighters, who had obtained the highest attribute type with his "physical strength" and not his attributes or other abilities, saw Shin Yu-Sung in a different light. Ninth Pulse Your innate ninth pulse is overflowing in your body with mana! Extreme intellect! And an ethereal appearance! But youll die before becoming an adult And Yang Body Type The energy of the Yang Body that can cure the Ninth Pulse is overflowing in your body! In the King of Fighters eyes, Shin Yu-Sung only had an F-Class attribute, but is a monster born with the body and constitution that appeared once every millennium. Thus, having been abandoned by his family because of his talent, Shin Yu-Sung ironically became the King of Fighters pupil because of it. Twelve years passed and Shin Yu-Sung, who finished all the preparations, finally left the mountains where he had trained. Shin Yu-Sungs strength isnt an attribute that Hunters value but is simply his physical strength. A hunter, that's unlike any seen before, was born.
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