I Think I Married the Wrong Guy

I Think I Married the Wrong Guy
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    I Think My Marriage Was a Mistake / I've Probably Made a Mistake in Getting Married / この結婚、どこかおかしいです! / この結婚、どこかおかしいです! / 总觉得这婚没结好 / 아무래도 결혼을 잘못한 것 같다

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    Fantasy - Romance

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“I was reincarnated in the world of a novel… It’s a dismal novel where all the characters meet their demise at the hands of the villain. It corrected my shyness, built my courage, and prepared me for what I read in the famous grim novel. So, before the real story begins, I must distance myself from the terrifying social world in the capital, so I married a poor baron in the countryside… “Don’t make me handle your bills, do you understand?” It’s evident that this man who appeared at the wedding covered in blood is the terrifying villain who kills everyone! Did I marry a man who will turn wicked as I try to avoid the very villain himself? I’ve utterly failed; I think I’ve married the wrong person indeed!”
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