I Need to Raise My Sister Properly

I Need to Raise My Sister Properly
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    An Older Sister Should Raise Her Little Sister Properly, The Older Sister Should Raise Her Younger Sister, 언니는 여동생을 바르게 키워야 합니다

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    Fantasy - Romance

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When I regained consciousness after a car accident, I became the stepsister of the villainess in “My Beloved Santa.” Having already possessed this body, I decided to pave a path of flowers to prevent the villainess from becoming a dark person. I worked hard with all my heart and all my strength… Somehow, I got entangled with the Duke of Lexerville, who was famous for being a bloodthirsty madman. “Didn’t I warn you back then that I wouldn’t let you go if you did something stupid?” When he saw me with another man, he interrogated me as if he had caught a cheating girlfriend. Read at kaiscans.com to support us! i asked “Do you like me by any chance?” , he replied, “Stop talking nonsense.” if so, why is he acting like this?
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