I Thought You Were A Time-Limited Husband

I Thought You Were A Time-Limited Husband


"The deadline is six months, within which you must kill your husband." On the first night of their marriage, I possessed the body of 'Alice,' a villainous supporting character who was ordered by her mother-in-law to kill her husband. I thought I was married off to a duke who's a living corpse for the sake of money, but lo and behold, this duke has a great body and is handsome as well. Instead of killing him, I looked for a way to survive by using divine power instead of poison. "Mother, I will become a priestess for the duke! As a priestess, I shall pray for the duke's well-being for the rest of my life!" On the day I was about to leave the duke's mansion, my husband who had been unconscious suddenly woke up. "You're the one who brought me out of the darkness, so take responsibility." He wakes up and demands I take responsibility after saving him?
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