Jashinkankin Harem de Isekai seifuku!

Jashinkankin Harem de Isekai seifuku!
Jashinkankin Harem de Isekai seifuku! Rank: 3.2/5 - 5 Rating(s)


An alternate world ruled by chaotic evil gods. The protagonist, Yuya, wakes up to the voice of a girl calling his name. He finds himself in a temple of desire ruled by the evil god, Riv, where many people are indulging in pleasure like madmen. Despite this, Yuya manages to maintain his sanity, which piques Riv's interest, leading to him being bound by a special chain. However, this chain is actually a tool meant to restrain evil gods, and by imprisoning and subduing them, it can steal their skills. Guided by the revelation of the ancient god Agnes residing in the chain, commanding him to "take your seat on the throne," Yuya uses this power to imprison dangerous evil gods one after another. The curtain rises on a lackluster man's alternate world imprisonment counterattack erotic fantasy!

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