Magical Girls Are The Idols Of This World

Magical Girls Are The Idols Of This World
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    마법소녀 이세계아이돌

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    Action - Adventure - Fantasy

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“Jingburguer” was having a rough time in her life to push forward her dream to become an idol and find a part time job, Since anything was going as she was expecting to, she was feeling very pessimistic about her future. Until she meets a magical poop head dog that suddenly tells her that she has been forced to sign a “Magical Girls Contract” and takes her to the “Magical World”. Now she has to defeat monsters in order to survive, but that’s not all, the dog also tells her that if she succeeds in doing her duties of purifying monsters, she will be granted one wish. However, she is not the only magical girl desperate to have her wish granted and even though purifying monsters is the usual way to get you wish granted, there is also another way of accomplish it by taking the soul of other magical girls!! “How do you expect me to fight terrifying monsters like that?!” “Why the hell is my weapon a hamburger?!!” “What am I going to do if other magical girls try to hunt me?!!!!”. Let’s prepare to watch this thrilling story full of action and magic performed by six amazing magical girls!!

마법소녀 이세계아이돌

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