Playing With The Hot Gangster

Playing With The Hot Gangster
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“I laid the man I met for the first time!” Eunha, a creator of the unpopular children’s channel, ‘Minionni’, injures a man by accident during cleaning work. He has an enormous height, a gigantic muscular body, a fierce expression and a scar! Eunha scared, runs away. Meanwhile, at the hospital, scary man (?) Jihwan wakes up and says: “Find her and bring her in politely.” He seems to know something about Eunha…?
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    _RUDRA_ _RUDRA_ just now

    If HP decreases too quickly, then the monster enters the berserk state. MC already had the calculations so that the damage isn't too high. But +100% buff ruined it, and it was never enough to one shot the boss

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    ghost K ghost K 2 minutes ago


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    SugarSkull SugarSkull 3 minutes ago


  • Stuck in My Sister's Dating Sim Chapter 47

    NOROMANS NOROMANS 3 minutes ago

    emojiI really hate that f maid. Usually a lowly maid rude toward duke family can be killed right on the spot. Another f that judging people from rumor pretty much not a good person. When you apologize look directly right at their eye scum! What a insincere apologyemoji. I really miss WQ. if its him he will kill any trash he meet. Afterall its better than sorry.

  • In the Night Consumed by Blades, I Walk Chapter 100

    cbwroses cbwroses 4 minutes ago

    Even killers and demons can be wholesome at times.