Please Treat Your Friends Preciously

Please Treat Your Friends Preciously
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I reincarnated as the younger sister of the male lead in a BL novel. She’s a fragile sunfish whose life is in danger even from catching a cold. So, I took advantage of a childhood friend who has healing abilities. The problem is, that ability manifests through skinship. Anyway, it was only a matter of time before this little guy fell in love with the male protagonist, so I didn’t worry for long. We held hands and I stole his first kiss… But then, Since when… “Lavie, you’re beautiful.” “Huh…?” “You should look outside. I couldn’t stop myself when I saw you.” “Ack, stop.” “If you keep getting nervous like that, it makes me wanna do it more.” Why is the guy who should be with the male lead suddenly doing this to me?!

친구는 소중히 대해 주세요 / Please Take Care Of Your Friend

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