Reincarnation of the Unrivalled Time Mage

Reincarnation of the Unrivalled Time Mage
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    Toki Tsukai Majutsushi no Tensei Musou Reincarnation of the Unrivalled Time Mage: The Underachiever at the Magic Academy Turns Out to Be the Strongest Mage Who Controls Time! 時使い魔術師の転生無双 時使い魔術師の転生無双~魔術学院の劣等生、実は最強の時間系魔術師でした~

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    Action - Adventure - Fantasy - Shounen

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One day at the sorcery academy at the borderlands, broke student Avis was forced to win against a genius at the academy otherwise he would be expelled. It’s said to be an impossible feat for him. Avis raises his blind and frail younger sister by himself. He goes through the necessary training to get past his insufficient scholarship. But he doesn’t get any stronger, and eventually collapses of exhaust. But at that time, he sees a strange dream. In the dream, he sees the grand sorcerer who used the legendary [Time Sorcery] that had been used to defeat demons and is no longer present in the current ages. And after Avis awakes from the dream, he realizes that the legendary [Time Sorcery] is his own--!?] 
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