Savage Castle

Savage Castle
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“I have no intention of sharing my bitch. Sharing a woman means that I don't like it.” King Sybil van Ricarlo, who left the throne due to his uncle's rebellion and hid in Lugdun, the lonely and barren territory of Travasta. Elje von Roate, a sweet and beautiful girl who made him a slave. One rainy early summer. The young and fragile daughter of the lord, Elje gets a beautiful boy from a slave merchant who stops by the castle. Without knowing that he was the boy king who ran away from being pursued Elje gave him the name 'Ian' and fell in love with the boy. But he… “Am I that good?” blood is cold Elje looked at him with eyes about to collapse. “You must come tonight.” It didn't matter now. Now I know I can't recover. Elje will never win his heart. He will not love Elje. still… “You have to hug me tonight too.” If it was a relationship with a fixed deadline, if the end was not far off, Elje was determined to cling to him. She was going to take him by force and extort him. Then she seemed to have no regrets when she died. Even if she dies giving birth to a man she doesn't know well. I thought I could live by stroking what Ian had given me to wear out. “Who, who…” She didn't want to admit that the viridian eyes belonged to the man in his memory. “You don’t know who I really am?” It was a friendly question. He grabbed Elje's chin, which had been marinated in fear, and lifted it up. Elje looked at him sullenly. “Do you know who Jim really is?” His fingers grabbed her chin as she struggled to get rid of the hand holding her chin. It was an evil force. Elje groped his face in prison. The more mature and firmer outline was as sharp as a veil. Tears flowed nonstop every time he blinked. "Nana…” “Kiss me.” A monotonous command cut off Elje's backstory. Elje, unable to control her heavy body, leaned against her and tried to collapse her, and her large hand came up again and grabbed her. 'baby…Is it meaningful for you to find your father now?' Elje raised her eyes and looked at him. It was as if the child in her belly was rolling on his feet.
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