Scripted Love: Lessons From the Leading Man

Scripted Love: Lessons From the Leading Man


A woman new to the world of acting keeps playing all these minor roles--just trying to and carve out her place in acting world. When the most handsome actor in her acting agency, who is currently dominating the acting world with his refreshing and prince-like attitude, offers to help her make a break in the industry. Though he seems like a prince, behind close doors, he's extremely sadistic. One day they land roles playing lovers. But she has a secret, she's actually completely "inexperienced"...?! When shock begins to set in--she would have to act out scenes she's never actually experienced before?! That's when he teases her, "Before you have to play the part, why don't I 'teach' you it all first." While he looks at her with such smoldering and kind eyes, he also looks downs on her and teases her at every turn sending her heart all over the place!
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