Setsunai Koi

Setsunai Koi
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    CHERRY (MATSUMOTO Nanako); Goodbye; Letter; Miss You; My Best; To the You Who is Here; セツナイコイ

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    Drama - Josei - Romance - Tragedy

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From An Endless Story: Popular stories from fashion magazine Zipper have made their way into a special book. Letter by Hazuki Kanae "Who are you?" On a certain day, she discovered a letter left in her school desk... My Best by Fujisue Sakura "I can't touch him, because we are friends." Where will these unsuppressable feelings lead us... Miss You by Kumiko Saiki And the day they part ways finally arrives... Goodbye, I'll See You Tomorrow by Tomoko Noguchi Yasaki, who finally gets a boyfriend, now has to enter into a long distance relationship! Even though she thought that the pain of not being able to see him was the same... CHERRY by Matsumoto Nanako The only person that would suit her is someone as extraordinarily popular as she is, right!? The person in question should definitely be... To the You Who is Here by Haneda Ibuki Does she still seem like a child to her older boyfriend? All she wants is for him to glance her way...

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