She seems teasing me

She seems teasing me
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    她好像在撩我 / She seems teasing me

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    Drama - Romance - Shoujo Ai

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The black and red traffic floret X who is full of scandals enters the world for "love". The "old-fashioned" cool sister with explosive martial arts value. Yu Chaoyan, who became famous with the black and red route, has various scandals and is as well-known as her fame. However, in fact, she is just a vicious person. Maternal solo. Recently, Yu Chaoyan was annoyed by a certain male star's manipulation of tying him up for publicity. In anger, he spoke domineeringly in front of the live camera: If he was the only man left in the world, then he would rather have sex with Ji than fall in love with him. . This face-slapping declaration immediately ignited hot searches and caused an uproar. And the consequence of this incident was that when Yu Chaoyan was picking up the car in the parking lot, he was disfigured and attacked by fanatical fans of male stars who had ambushed in advance. Just at the critical moment, Yu Chaoyan was rescued by Yin Zhou who broke in by mistake because he went the wrong way...
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