Sorry, But Can I Go All Out?

Sorry, But Can I Go All Out?
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    Gomen Honki de Daite mo Ii Zetsurin Douki to Dousei Sex / Sorry, But Can I Go All Out? -Cohabitation Fun with My Unrivaled Colleague- / ごめん…本気で抱いてもいい? / ごめん…本気で抱いてもいい?~絶倫同期と同棲SEX~ / ごめん…本気で抱いてもいい?~絶倫同期と同棲SEX~

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    Josei - Mature - Office Workers - Romance

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"Sorry, but let me do you again." 30-something office worker Sae Ichinose got dumped by her boyfriend and is struggling at work. On top of this, she's suddenly kicked out of her apartment for repairs and finds her temporary residence is double-booked! She has to spend a week with her colleague and rival, Kento. Coming home drunk and collapsing on top of him one night, Sae is then pushed down as he insists, "You're the one who initiated this." The entwining of their tongues and his gentle caresses make her dripping wet. "Your body's so good I can't stop." She succumbs to the pleasure multiple times... She shouldn't like this, but when he does it this sweetly... she can't help but want more!
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