Stealing the Lady's Heart

Stealing the Lady's Heart
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    약탈★마드모아젤 / Kidnapping The Mademoiselle / loot Mademoiselle / Stealing the Lady's Heart / The Abduction of Mademoiselle

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    Comedy - Fantasy - Historical - Romance

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Stealing the Lady's Heart Rank: 2.9/5 - 23 Rating(s)


약탈★마드모아젤 / Kidnapping The Mademoiselle / loot Mademoiselle / Stealing the Lady’s Heart Yeoju: Henriette ㅡ Born as the only daughter of a family, abandoned by her parents because of her ugly face and despised and ridiculed by relatives. She will inherit a lot of money, and she wants someone to kidnap her and marry her. Namjoo: Rainier – Despite being a duke, he can’t do anything because of his debts passed down from generation to generation and because of his mother’s luxury. She likes secret encounters with people with handsome faces. And then….the woman met the man, she would repay him. The man will kidnap the woman. To marriage. The story about the naughty meeting of the heroine and the male lead is very interesting.
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