The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s Castle

The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s Castle
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    The Cursed Attendant of the Duke's Castle / Cursed Maid of the Duchy / The Cursed Maid in the Duke's Castle / The Cursed Maid of the Duke's Castle / The Duke's Castle's Cursed Maid / 공작성의 저주받은 시녀님

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    Fantasy - Historical - Josei - Romance

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The Cursed Maid of the Duke’s Castle Rank: 3.4/5 - 89 Rating(s)


Lia is a young woman who saves an old man from being beaten in the street, but receives a curse that will kill her if it is not broken within a year. She discovers that the only way to get rid of the curse is to stay close to the cold and cruel Duke, who appears in the library where she searches for clues. She decides to become a servant in the Duke’s palace, but he treats her like a murderer and watches her closely. Lia tries to get closer to him to end the curse, but ends up awakening another type of curse: the Duke’s obsession with her.
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