The Golden Wife-in-Law

The Golden Wife-in-Law
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    I Married My Wife's Sister / Married My Wife's Sister / 아내의 여동생과 결혼했다

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    Drama - Fantasy - Historical - Josei - Mature - Romance

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The Golden Wife-in-Law Rank: 3.4/5 - 118 Rating(s)


"The empire is at peace only when an empress with brilliant golden locks is at the side of the emperor." In the Empire of Oriet, every reign is marked by the birth of a single blonde woman who is worthy of being the emperor’s consort. Thanks to this multiple century-long legend, the empire has prospered. However, unable to obtain a blonde consort, the current emperor was forced to marry a vicous dark-haired empress. Without their blonde beauty, the empire is facing its slow decline. Meanwhile, the second prince, Carlix, loses in the race to become the next emperor. Forced into a marriage to a woman who doesn’t even show up to their wedding, Carlix is made even more furious after being publicly disrespected by her father, the duke. But then, as if by fate, Carlix stumbles upon a stunning blonde beauty. Will he be able to seduce her and steal her throne? “Give unto me your heart and body…”
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