The Hero's Savior

The Hero's Savior
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    It’s My Destiny To Be The Hero’s Saviour / The Hero's Savior1 Destined to Be the Savior of the Protagonist Destinée à sauver le héros ! I'm Destined to Be the Savior of the Male Lead It's My Destiny to Be the Hero's Savior Vị cứu tinh của nhân vật chính Гол дүрийн аврагч болох нь миний хувь тавилан Моя доля — стати рятівницею головного героя 主人公を救う運命です 成为主角的命定救星 註定成為主角的救贖 주인공의 구원자가 될 운명입니다

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    Drama - Fantasy - Historical

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I remember the memory of my previous life when I was abused by my father for the experiment. And I realized. According to my previous life This is the world of fantasy fiction I’ve read That she was born with a minor role who died before the novel even started. Ariadne thought calmly. ‘I am screwed’.She was also screwed on a global basis. ‘This novel has a bad ending.’ The end of this 10-volume Munchkin(over powered) fantasy novel is, It was the failure of the protagonist and the destruction of the world. 주인공의 구원자가 될 운명입니다 It’s My Destiny to Be Hero’s Savior

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