The Shaman

The Shaman
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Deep in the remote mountains, there lived a young boy named Nakbin with his shaman mother. Nakbin longs to venture into the world, but his mother constantly forbade him from doing so. This was because Nakbin possessed extraordinary shamanic abilities. All his mother wished for was a normal life for her son. But despite her efforts, Nakbin’s power went out of control. Nakbin’s unrestrained power grew as he invoked numerous gods one after another. Even though his mother fought the gods bravely, she was ultimately overcome by their immense might. The small child stepped in and defended his mother just in time before a powerful ancient god smite her down. The god, moved by Nakbin’s purity and bravery, retreated. However, as it withdrew, it left behind a terrible prophecy for Nakbin. He might become the chosen shaman, one with the potential to either save or destroy the world, a being known as the “Ancient Earth God”.
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