The Tyrant’s Crush

The Tyrant’s Crush
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    The Tyrant's Crush รักของจอมเผด็จการ 暴君の恋 폭군의 사랑

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    Fantasy - Josei - Romance

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The Tyrant’s Crush Rank: 2.5/5 - 23 Rating(s)


Bland and unexciting Yui Shinohara had lived a mediocre life until one day, she suddenly died and reincarnated into a heroine in a romance novel. Although she got to live her second life as Marilyn, a beautiful girl born into a noble family, her life gets ruined by a tyrant and a villainess. Just before dying a wrongful death, Marilyn is saved by the guardian deity of the Imperial family, Goddess Antia. She claims the world will end if Marilyn does not go back in time to stop the tyrant. Not only that, Marilyn now has to face her destiny to love the cruel tyrant Rael because of this stupid ring she owned…! The Tyrant’s Crush รักของจอมเผด็จการ 暴君の恋 폭군의 사랑
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