This Woman's Body Tells Lies

This Woman's Body Tells Lies
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    Onna no Karada wa Uso wo Tsuku ; 女のカラダは嘘をつく / 女人的身體會說謊 / 여자의 몸은 거짓말을 한다

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    Drama - Mature - Seinen

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“Hey, Shouma… Have I maybe soured your rosy image of me?” Shouma works as a porter in a brothel. He was living a meager life that was far from the city life he longed for. Then, a miracle happens: He reunites with his first love, Yura Honjou. With her naturally gorgeous looks, Yura started working in the entertainment industry while she was still in high school, and was completely out of Shouma’s league. And now, she’s right beside him…? Shouma is completely ecstatic at this turn of events, and Yura is snuggled up right against him. With her warm breath in his ears, she reveals her body to him. “Y-Yura… We can’t… Do this…!” What is the fate of Shouma, who’s dancing right in the palm of Yura’s hand…!?

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