Villainess Speedrun Stream

Villainess Speedrun Stream
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    TS Akuyaku Reijou Kamisama Tensei Zen'nin Tsuihou Haishin RTA ~Kiraware Tsuihou End o Mezashiteru no ni Saikyou Musou Road kara Orirarenai~; TS悪役令嬢神様転生善人追放配信RTA~嫌われ追放エンドを目指してるのに最強無双ロードから降りられない~; Villainess Speedrun Stream; TS Villainess RTA (Time-Split Villianess Real-Time Attack)

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    Action - Adaptation - Fantasy - Isekai - Magic - Reincarnation - School Life - Shounen - Villainess

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A man who lost his life in an accident is reincarnated into an otome game world with a mission given by gods who want entertainment. And the background story in the game is that she is incarnated as a villain princess character, which turns out to be a good person but she is instead exiled after that the game will be speedrun and streamed!? He was told the sooner he was exiled the more benefits he would get in the next life, along with the start of the game he invited all the characters to fight so he could be exiled quickly, but instead, he was invincible and became a popular person... !? Respected by the original protagonist, a handsome aristocrat makes the main character his goal and he is trained by a cheat class, in the end, this otome game deviates from the original story too!! She's gradually getting ready to get the ending of being exiled, but the event of death always comes to her….. as the daughter of a marquis “marianne biesround” who is fighting for her next life, she will destroy all those who stand in her way (and blow them away) with magic. strongest, “meteor”! The manga adaptation of the violent webnovel otome game has begun!!!

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