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  • Here Reigns the Vengeful Villainess Chapter 6

    Clarifun Clarifun just now

    I don't get why she's going through this roundabout way of getting adopted. From the context clues here, it seems she legitimately is a member of that family. She very well could be his biological granddaughter. He mentions his son going missing -- that must have been her father. 

  • A Fortune-Telling Princess Chapter 56

    tiffadreamersluv tiffadreamersluv 2 minutes ago

    uh oh, just when Camilla's away from school, Laila gets in trouble :( whoooo is this b trying to hurt Laila? I love seeing Camilla and Ravi's relationship growing. they're going to be a power duo in this lifetime

  • Undercover Princess Chapter 29

    Bomba143 Bomba143 2 minutes ago


  • If You Wish for My Despair Chapter 15

    MotherFlame MotherFlame 3 minutes ago

    What a sick in the head ML… His oh so noble house was the one who was responsible for losing that war because he didn’t send enough knights to contain the threat and he’s sipping tea enjoying her misery emoji

  • The Perks of Being an S-Class Heroine Chapter 75

    Lucielle Lucielle 6 minutes ago

    yea thank goodness they skip it i'm not comfortable reading that part😫