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Once a successful method actor, she has now fallen from grace and become a struggling owner. Enter Han Tae-kyung, a male Rapunzel, who approaches her with a proposal for a fake engagement acting role, accompanied by a substantial amount of money. “You can find more chapters on .”
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    the pregnancy arc is super crazy as the suspects are ML and her ex fiance and most shocking Seria and its gonna be crazy luckily its cleared after tests that its not the child from both the guys and she goes to Seria and says divorce the archduke and marry her like its gonna be crazy and offcourse ML will be going mad as he is scared as seria will never accept a man with a child wit other women(saintess) and he will go say FL that even if she has children outside like wit other ppl he will be ok with it like that crazy he is for FL its not obsession but more like he treats her like his godess 

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