Your Scent is a Little Sweet

Your Scent is a Little Sweet
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    You Taste a Little sweet / You Taste A Bit Sweet ; ; Nǐ De Wèidào Yǒudiǎn Tián ; ; 你的味道有点甜; Your Scent is a Little Sweet; Your Scent Is A Little Sweet / Your Taste Is A Little Sweet

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    Drama - Fantasy - Romance - Shoujo Ai - Supernatural

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Your Scent is a Little Sweet Rank: 2.9/5 - 16 Rating(s)


Due to psychological trauma, Tang Chao never experienced the onset of secondary sexual characteristics and has been working as a model under the identity of a beta. After an unexpected and sweet encounter with an omega, she realizes that she can only get close to this omega. The next day, she discovers that her new colleague, Li Zhisu, seems to be that person? But... this Li Zhisu is clearly a beta? Tang Chao had never experienced the onset of secondary sexual characteristics, she had been working as a graphic model as a beta. After accidentally having sex with an omega, she found out that she actually doesn't hate being touched by the omega. The next day she met a new colleague Li Zhixu, who seems to be the omega. But... isn't Li Zhixu a beta?
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